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SCAM or totally incompetent?

Visited Rancho Ford Lincoln because of an ad for $9500 off the sticker price on a 2011 Navigator in December, 2011.The new 2012 were coming out.

After rejecting their first offer, a week later I received a phone call from the salesman and made another offer, adding more money to the deal. The offer included all taxes, license fee's, an out the door price. They agreed everything was included on the phone. The next night when we arrived to purchase the truck, once again I asked if the price agreed upon was an out the door price.

Everyone agreed it was the out the door price. I was even shown the computer print out with the bottom line showing the out the door price. While in the process of signing the paperwork I noticed the price of the truck written on the document was $6,500 less than the sticker price so I asked if the tax i was the sticker price or the price on the document. I was told the taxes were on the price they paid for the truck, the price shown on the document, so I asked her what percentage the tax rate was.

She reviewed the document then went to get the sales manager.

The sales manager stood outside for several minutes acting all upset, then came in and stated he couldn't sell me the truck at that price. He wanted me to pay an additional amount, the amount of the sales tax, $4300. When I reminded him our agreed upon price, written all over the computer print out was with all taxes and fees included, also written on the computer print out, and that they had the print out on his desk for over 24 hours he just smiled, said he made a mistake and I'd have to pay the additional $4300 if I wanted the truck. During the next few minutes I added the numbers in my head and showed him that adding the tax into the total raised the new total for the truck to an amount higher than their first offer the week before.

None of this mattered to him his only statement was they couldn't sell the truck at the agreed upon price.

When I asked how they could miss something in pricing the truck he would only state that it was a computer error, the computer adds in the taxes automatically but must have zeroed out the taxes this time.That's just too hard for me to believe so my only guess is that someone is totally incompetent or they were attempting to run a scam on me.

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